Know-how: At the GründerGespräche, the GO-Bio teams get helpful and practical information, which prepares them for the foundation and management of their company.

Presentation and discussion at GründerGespräche

Targetsim AG

The commercial success of project ideas does not depend solely on research, technological development and funds. Many scientists, who advance their idea for commercial exploitation, initially have little knowledge of management, economics and the law.

Preparation for founding and managing a company

The GründerGespräche, as part of the GO-Bio funding, is used by the BMBF to sensitise life sciences research teams for the different challenges they face as company founders. Here, they receive the respective know-how in various topics during seminars or moderated, interactive formats with external consultants. Furthermore, they also learn from by exchanging experiences with each other. The GründerGespräche take place twice a year and last for one and a half days.

Practice-oriented topics are in demand

That’s why the GründerGespräche are tailored to the needs of the researchers who want to start a business. They include largely practice-oriented topics for setting up a company.

Topics from the previous GründerGespräche (GG)

GG1 - Nov.'17 - IP-strategy and coaching
GG2 - March'08 - Business plan and preparations of financing negotiations
GG3 - Nov.'08 - The first round of financing - requirements and factors of success
GG4 - March'09 - Clinical studies – an introduction
GG5 - Nov.'09 - Management
GG6 - March'10 - Quality management
GG7 - Nov.'10 - Business game “Risky Business” (development of pharmaceuticals)
GG8 - May'11 - Negotiation management
GG9 - Dec.'11 - Contract design
GG10 - May'12 - Presentation technique, customer and investor approach
GG11 - Dec.'12 - IP and company takeover
GG12 - Apr.'13 - Experience reports from GO-Bio founders
GG13 - Dec.'13 - Team development and HR management
GG14 - May'14 -Coaching
GG15 - Dec.'14 - Financing
GG16 - May'15 - Governance, risk management & compliance (GRC)
GG17 - Nov.'15 - Company simulation
GG18 - Jun.'16 - Contract design and team pitch
GG19 - Dec.'16 - Experience reports
GG20 - May'17 - IPO
GG21 - Dec.'17 - Corporate Communications
GG22 - Jun.'18 - Clinical Studies
GG23 - Dec.'18 - Business simulation game
GG24 - May'19 - Coaching, business etiquette, team development
GG25 - Nov.'19 - Contract law
GG26 - Nov.'20 - IP-strategy