New GO-Bio funding initiative initial: 41 project ideas picked

41 Project proposals have made it through the first selection round and are now to receive funding for the conceptual phase.

GO-Bio-initial Symbolbild

Damir -

The aim of the new funding initiative is to identify and develop early stage life science research projects that have clear innovative potential. In February, in the core module of the funding initiative, 178 projects initially submitted sketches for a conceptual phase. Following the completion of evaluation, 41 projects will now have the opportunity to apply for funding to enable them to start drawing up concepts for taking their ideas to the market.

The subjects of the 41 selected projects range from platform technologies and medicinal products to diagnostics and therapeutics.

The conceptual phase will last for one year, and at the end of it, the projects will be able to apply for a feasibility phase, in order to provide the technical Proof of Principle. The aim of this is to bring the research ideas to a level of maturity that will allow the projects to be continued in other established funding programmes for funding validation, start-ups and joint ventures.