Refined natural products for cosmetics and health

Innovationsakademie Biotechnologie – Dr. Ulrich Rabausch – Hamburger Informatik Technologie-Center (HITeC) e.V.


Olga Lyubkin – Fotolia

Benefiaciry: Hamburger Informatik Technologie-Center (HITeC) e.V.
Funding exploratory phase: 01.04.2013 - 28.02.2014; 49.997 Euro

Project description

They provide colourful flowers and protect plants from infections: flavonoids. Also, humans can benefit from secondary plant substances.

Due to their diverse, often health-promoting properties, flavonoids and polyphenols are increasingly sought-after natural ingredients in personal care and healthcare products. Nowadays they are also increasingly used in foods. Secondary plant substances can have antioxidative and radical-binding effects, prevent cancer and inflammation, regulate blood pressure and protect the blood vessels. This versatility leads to a growing demand for efficient manufacturing processes.

So far, flavonoids have been obtained from plant extracts, but only a few compounds are abundant and industrially available. Many interesting compounds are difficult to find in small amounts and are difficult to access. In particular, special glycosides of these substances are not commercially available. Glycosylation as a specific modification of these substances influences solubility, stability and bioavailability as well as basic physiological efficacy.

The exploratory phase served to develop a business concept for the biotechnological production and sale of specifically glycosylated polyphenols (flavonoids) based on a new fermentative production process. The production process should enable the manufacturing of high-quality flavonoids and related compounds from low-cost raw materials.

It was essentially divided into four task areas, which were processed during the course of the project in order to prepare the undertaking for the connectivity and implementation:

  1. Technical feasibility and implementation
  2. Assessment of the Freedom to Operate
  3. Development of a market entry strategy
  4. Preparation of a business plan