Ugur Sahin receives German Cancer Award

For his work on cancer immunotherapies, Professor Ugur Sahin, founder and CEO of BioNTech AG, was honored with this year's German Cancer Award.

Portrait Ugur Sahin

This year's German Cancer Award was presented to Ugur Sahin

BioNTech AG

The German Cancer Award is one of the highest recognitions in the field of cancer medicine in Germany. Sahin received the award in the Translational Research category for his groundbreaking work on individualized cancer immunotherapies, in particular for the development and clinical testing of mRNA-based cancer vaccines that are tailored to the mutation profile of a cancer patient.

“As the company that was founded to advance Ugur’s research towards clinical application, we are very proud of his achievements as a leader in the cancer immunotherapy field and would like to congratulate him on this important recognition,” said Helmut Jeggle, Chairman of BioNTech’s Supervisory Board and Managing Director of the Struengmann family office. “It is a testament to his groundbreaking ideas and commitment to improving cancer treatment regimens.”

BioNTech AG, which emerged from a GO-Bio grant and is based in Mainz, Germany, focuses on the development of precise immune therapies for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases.

The German Cancer Award is awarded annually by the German Cancer Society and honors outstanding achievements in the field of clinical, translational and experimental cancer research in German-speaking countries.