Zellkraftwerk stays on growth track

Biotech secures new US partner: Recent merger with Canopy Biosciences followed by Core Diagnostics takeover.

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Zellkraftwerk GmbH has completed its second merger in as little as a year after its takeover by Canopy Biosciences in spring 2019. In a move to expand their customer base, they now take biotech Core Diagnostics on board as new partner. The company is CLIA-licensed in California and is thus authorised to conduct clinical trials. Core Diagnostics offers services ranging from targeted fundamental research to certified sample analysis of phase-III clinical trials. “Thanks to our merger with Core Diagnostics, we will now attract not only customers from the preclinical and translational community but increasingly also from the clinical sector”, says Jan Detmers, Managing Director of Zellkraftwerk GmbH.

Zellkraftwerk is a biotech founded as a spin-off of the Medical School of Hanover in 2014. The company is based in Leipzig and is known as a pioneer in chip cytometry, a new method for biomarker analysis. Among other things, it develops intelligent and networked robots which enable fully automated workflows to analyse an almost unlimited number of protein biomarkers on and in cells and tissues. Currently, it is possible to measure over one hundred markers per cell.

In just six years, Zellkraftwerk has successfully entered the European, US and Asian markets. The start-up says it counts the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies among its customers. The BMBF supported the foundation of Zellkraftwerk with funding under its GO-Bio programme.